Java Tutorial for Mathematics Students

  1. Installing Java and Netbeans: View as a webpage or as a pdf document.
  2. Hello World: A first Java program.
  3. Math Examples: Learn how to do basic mathematics in java. Learn about if statements and loops. Learn some more about classes and methods.
  4. Complex Numbers: Learn about classes which can be instantiated as an object through the example of complex numbers.
  5. Steps to create a graphical mathematics java program: View this portion of the tutorial as a webpage.
  6. Fractal Curves: We will illustrate Java by creating a program which creates fractal curves. This is a big project, so we will do it in multiple parts.
    1. The Construction: In this part, we describe the method we use to construct these fractal curves. We will create the Java classes which carry out these constructions. We will explain some of relationships possible between classes.
    2. Drawing Curves: We describe how to create a graphical program which draws the curves.
    3. Mouse interaction: We describe how to make a graphical program handle the user's mouse clicks and drags.
    4. Some Polishing: A more polished version of the fractal path program.
  7. Deploying a program with Java WebStart:: View this portion of the tutorial as a webpage.

Resources for learning and using Java:

Sources for Java source code:

Mathematics and Java Links:

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Support for this work was provided by N.S.F. Grant DMS-1101233 and a PSC-CUNY Award (funded by The Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York).

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