Installing Java and Netbeans

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Purpose: This is a description of how to install Java and Netbeans.

  1. Components:

    You will need to install two components:
    1. Java JDK:

      This program allows you to compile and run java programs.
    2. Netbeans:

      A graphical program which aids in the writing of java programs.
  2. Installation instructions:

    There are different instructions for installing these programs depending on your Operating System:
    1. Windows:

      You can download the JDK bundled with Netbeans from Oracle.
    2. Mac OS X:

      A Java JDK is already installed by default on Macs. You can download Netbeans Java SE from the netbeans website. Install NetBeans and run it to make sure it works.

      Some students have reported getting an error that Java 6 is not installed. If this occurs, then do the following:

    3. Linux:

      If you are using Linux you can install openjdk, following directions for your distribution. (Alternatively, you could decide to install Oracle's proprietary version of the Java JDK.) You may also be able to install netbeans through your distribution. On some distributions such as Ubuntu, you need to download Netbeans Java SE from the netbeans website. In this case you install by running the downloaded script as root user.
  3. Next Steps:

    If you are anxious to get started, you can work through the Hello World! example provide by Oracle. Oracle has many other tutorials available. You might try to work through some more of these.

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This presentation is part of a Mathematical Research Oriented Java Tutorial, which aims to introduce students to the benefits that writing computer programs can provide to their understanding of mathematics.