Tentative Calendar for Math 36600, Section P, Spring 2020

This calendar is extremely tentative, but should give a general idea of what topics we will cover.

Course Textbooks:

Date Tentative class plan:
Tue, Jan 28 Introduction to Python and Jupyter. Discussion of Python will follow Chapter 1 of LL.
Notebook: Starting up [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Jan 30 More introduction to Python.
Notebook: Plotting Graphs [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 4 Finish introduction to Python
Numerical Representations and Errors following TAK Chapter 2.
Notebook: Number Representations [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Feb 6 More on Numerical Representations and Errors.
Notebook: Interval Arithmetic [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 11 Discussion of Homework 2.
Notebook: Feb 11 2020 [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Feb 13 Series expanding on following TAK § 1.4.
Notebook: Series [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 18 Series expanding on following TAK § 1.4.
Notebook: Taylor Series [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Feb 20 Numerical Differentiation following TAK § 3.2.
Notebook: Numerical Differentiation [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 25 First Midterm.
Thu, Feb 27 Numerical Integration following TAK § 3.3.
Notebook: Numerical Integration [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Mar 3 Numerical Integration following TAK § 3.4.
Notebook: Numerical Integration 2 [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 5 More on Numerical Integration
Tue, Mar 10 Matrices and vectors in Numpy following LL § 2.3.
Notebook: Matrices and Vectors [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 12 Class cancelled.
Tue, Mar 17 Practice online class via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
Office hours via Zoom, 3:50-4:50pm.
Notebook: COVID-19 Data [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 19 Gaussian Elimination following TAK § 4.2.
Notebook: Gaussian elimination [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Mar 24 LU Factorization and Differential Equations (TAK § 4.3).
Notebook: LU Factorization [download] [view] [azure]
Notebook: Differential Equations [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 26 Iterative Methods (TAK § 4.4)
Tue, Mar 31 Least Squares (TAK § 4.5).
Thu, Apr 2 Rescheduled Second Midterm.
Tue, Apr 7 Classes follow a Wednesday schedule
Thu, Apr 9 Spring break
Sat, Apr 11 Spring break
Tue, Apr 14 Spring break
Thu, Apr 16 Spring break
Tue, Apr 21 Eigenvalues (TAK § 4.6).
Thu, Apr 23 Perron-Frobenius Theorem and Google's PageRank.
Tue, Apr 28 Introduction to Classes following L Chapter 7.
Thu, Apr 30 More on Classes.
Tue, May 5 Random Numbers and Games following L Chapter 8.
Thu, May 7 More on Random Numbers and Games.
Tue, May 12 More on Random Numbers and Games.
Thu, May 14 More on Random Numbers and Games.

The final exam schedule has not been announced yet.
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