Tentative Calendar for Math 36600, Section P, Spring 2020

This calendar is extremely tentative, but should give a general idea of what topics we will cover.

Course Textbooks:

Date Tentative class plan:
Tue, Jan 28 Introduction to Python and Jupyter. Discussion of Python will follow Chapter 1 of LL.
Notebook: Starting up [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Jan 30 More introduction to Python.
Notebook: Plotting Graphs [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 4 Finish introduction to Python
Numerical Representations and Errors following TAK Chapter 2.
Notebook: Number Representations [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Feb 6 More on Numerical Representations and Errors.
Notebook: Interval Arithmetic [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 11 Discussion of Homework 2.
Notebook: Feb 11 2020 [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Feb 13 Series expanding on following TAK § 1.4.
Notebook: Series [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 18 Series expanding on following TAK § 1.4.
Notebook: Taylor Series [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Feb 20 Numerical Differentiation following TAK § 3.2.
Notebook: Numerical Differentiation [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Feb 25 First Midterm.
Thu, Feb 27 Numerical Integration following TAK § 3.3.
Notebook: Numerical Integration [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Mar 3 Numerical Integration following TAK § 3.4.
Notebook: Numerical Integration 2 [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 5 More on Numerical Integration
Tue, Mar 10 Matrices and vectors in Numpy following LL § 2.3.
Notebook: Matrices and Vectors [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 12 Class cancelled.
Tue, Mar 17 Practice online class via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
Office hours via Zoom, 3:50-4:50pm.
Notebook: COVID-19 Data [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 19 Gaussian Elimination following TAK § 4.2.
Notebook: Gaussian elimination [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Mar 24 LU Factorization and Differential Equations (TAK § 4.3).
Notebook: LU Factorization [download] [view] [azure]
Notebook: Differential Equations [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Mar 26 Further discussion of Differential Equations and review
Tue, Mar 31 Class cancelled: Recalibration Period for Educational Equity
Thu, Apr 2 Least Squares (TAK § 4.5).
Notebook: Least Squares [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Apr 7 Classes follow a Wednesday schedule
Thu, Apr 9 Spring break
Tue, Apr 14 More on Least Squares
Thu, Apr 16 Eigenvalues (TAK § 4.6).
Notebook: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Apr 21 Google's PageRank.
Notebook: Google's PageRank [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Apr 23 Dictionaries (L § 6.2).
Notebook: Dictionaries [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, Apr 28 Begin discussing classes following L Chapter 7.
Notebook: Classes 1 [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, Apr 30 Random Numbers following L Chapter 8.
Notebook: Random Numbers [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, May 5 Monte Carlo Integration following L Chapter 8.
Notebook: Monte Carlo Integration [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, May 7 Object-Oriented Programming following L Chapter 9.
Notebook: Object-Oriented Programming [download] [view] [azure]
Tue, May 12 Notebook: Game Simulation [download] [view] [azure]
Thu, May 14 Review for final exam.

The Final Exam will be held online as scheduled by the college: Thursday, May 21st from 1pm to 3:15pm.
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