Final Project: Step 2


The goal of this assignment is to get access to some data related to your project. This notebook is due by Nov 30th. However, if you are attempting to import data in a complex way (more complex than reading from a CSV file), and this is not enough time, please let me know. I may be willing to grant an extension.

Standard Imports

In [2]:
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import math as m

1. Discuss changes

Have you made any changes to your goals from the project since submitting the Google Form describing your plans? Use markdown to answer below.

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2. Describe your data source

Briefly describe and provide a link to the data source you are using for this notebook. If this notebook reads from a file, you must also submit that file with this notebook.

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3. Import and plot something

Import data into Python some way, storing the data in one or more list or a dictionaries. Then use matplotlib to plot something related to your data set. Use markdown to explain what you are plotting. (The thing you plot does not necessarily need to be related to what you are planning for your final project. I just want you to demonstrate that you can access and use the data.)