Programming Resources (Math 30800, Section R, Fall 2015)


You will be expected write some simple programs in Python in this course. I have written some resources to help with this:

  1. Instructions for installing Python
  2. Basic Mathematics in Python: Explains how to work with numbers in Python. It also briefly explains some other features of Python including: if statements, while loops, and function definitions.
  3. How to do a programming assignment: Gives an example of how you might work through an assignment in Python.
  4. Logic: Explains how to work with Boolean values (i.e., values of True or False) in Python.
  5. Tuples and Sets: Explains how to work with tuples (ordered lists) and sets in Python.
  6. Lists: Explains how to work with lists in Python.
  7. Recursion: Gives some examples of recursion (functions calling themselves) in Python. Recursion is the analog of induction in programming.


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