Tentative Calendar for Math 30800, Section R, Fall 2015

This calendar is subject to change, but should give a general idea of when we will cover certain topics.
Date Tentative class plan:
Thu, Aug 27 Welcome!
Begin discussion Chapter 1 of Mathematical Proofs: Sets
Covered § 1.1-1.2 on Sets and Subsets
Tue, Sep 1 Covered § 1.3-1.4: Operations on sets and indexed collections of sets.
We Began discussing Chapter 2: Logic.
Covered § 2.1-2.3.
Thu, Sep 3 Discuss § 2.1-2.6.
Began discussion of Python: Arithmetic, the While Statement, and the interpreter (or shell) compared to the programming window.
Tue, Sep 8 Discuss § 2.7-2.9. Discuss the if statement, functions (important!) and the math module following the Basic Mathematics page.
Thu, Sep 10 No class (Classes follow a Monday Schedule)
Tue, Sep 15 No classes scheduled (College Open)
Thu, Sep 17 Finish Chapter 2. Discuss Chapter 3.
Tue, Sep 22 No classes scheduled (College Open)
Thu, Sep 24 Finish Chapter 3.
Fri, Sep 25 Classes follow a Tuesday Schedule
Discuss Chapter 4.
Tue, Sep 29 Finish Chapter 4.
Discuss logic in Python following Logic.
Thu, Oct 1 Discuss Chapter 5 through § 5.2.
Tue, Oct 6 Discussed the homework.
Covered tuples in Python following the page Tuples and Sets
Thu, Oct 8 Midterm 1.
Tue, Oct 13 Finish chapter 5.
Covered sets in Python following the page Tuples and Sets
Thu, Oct 15 Discussed § 6.1-6.2 of Mathematical Proofs and § 1.1 of Ross' Elementary Analysis. Both cover induction.
Tue, Oct 20 Further discussion of Induction concentrating on the fact that the natural numbers are well-ordered. Discussion of § 6.3-6.4 of Mathematical Proofs.
Thu, Oct 22 Discuss Chapter 7.
Tue, Oct 27 Finish Chapter 7.
Covered lists in Python.
Thu, Oct 29 Discuss Chapter 8: Equivalence Relations.
Tue, Nov 3 Discuss Chapter 8: Equivalence Relations.
Thu, Nov 5 Start Chapter 9: Functions.
Covered recursion in Python.
Tue, Nov 10 Discuss Chapter 9.
Thu, Nov 12 Finish Chapter 9, Start Chapter 10.
Tue, Nov 17 Discuss Chapter 10.
Thu, Nov 19 Finish Chapter 10.
Tue, Nov 24 Presentation on Careers (from the Career & Professional Development Institute)
Thu, Nov 26 College Closed – No Classes (Happy Thanksgiving!)
Tue, Dec 1 Midterm 2.
Thu, Dec 3 Discuss Ross' Chapter 1.
Tue, Dec 8 Finish Ross' Chapter 1.
Thu, Dec 10 Review.

The final exam will be held on Tuesday, December 22nd from 3:30pm to 5:45pm.
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