About Robot Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is a game normally played by children (not robots). As in any game of tag, the offense attempts to tag players on the defense. Once tagged, players on the defense are frozen and can no longer move. Players on the defending team can tag frozen players to unfreeze them. The goal of the offending team is to freeze all defenders.

As you can see, the rules of the game are fairly simple. This makes it an ideal game to automate. I have created a freeze tag java applet that implements the rules of the game. I have attempted to write the code so that anyone who knows a little java can create a team. A team either plays defense or offense. So, Robot Freeze Tag is more of an AI coding puzzle. What strategy makes the best freeze tag team?

Below, I list some other coding games/puzzles. I believe this game is interesting because it is intrinsically geometric and has very simple rules, yet a myriad of strategies could be implemented. No strategy seems apriori best. I don't however believe this game has any academic value.

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